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"We want to reduce our recruitment costs"

Bridge partners save, on average, almost 68% versus a traditional recruitment channels. This is because, rather than taking commission on individual roles, we give you access to our expertise, toolsets and global network for a fixed flat fee with no additional cost per hire

We give you access to our expertise, toolsets and global network for a fixed monthly fee, no long term contracts and no additional cost per hire.

"We’re growing quickly and need talent fast"

Hiring plans are not always predictable or consistent.

Bridge can plug into your business quickly and seamlessly in a matter of days. We’ve hired hundreds of roles in a short space of time for many of our fastest-growing clients, adopting a data-driven approach to ensure our partnerships are strategic and deliver strong ROI.

"We need extra support for our in-house team"

It’s a common misconception that internal teams and external support are at odds with each other.

At Bridge, we find that working with internal teams often creates the best results, as it allows us to combine our external expertise and specialized knowledge with the internal and cultural understanding of your in-house team. Our unique embedded approach means that our talent partners work incredibly closely with existing team members to maximize results.

"We are receiving too many poor-quality applications"

With pricing structures based around quick results, many recruitment partners are incentivized to hire the first candidate they engage, rather than the best candidate. By eliminating commission and focusing on quality long-term partnerships, we’re incentivized to deliver you the very best talent based on merit instead of a candidate that can bring the highest revenue.